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Utilities Updates: SwitchRes; FontBuddy; AliasMenu; Toast; more

Utilities Updates: SwitchRes; FontBuddy; AliasMenu; Toast; more

SwitchRes 2.1 is available. It is an extension that allows you to control the resolutions of all your displays. The update hasvarious new features and bug fixes.

FontBuddy 1.3 is the latest update to this font viewer. It adds Unicode support and has several bug fixes related to font scan.

A Better Finder Select 1.8 is out. The new version introduces regular expression matching. Regular expressions offer a powerful pattern definition language which should be familiar to BBEdit and UNIX users.

AliasMenu 2.1 is a control panel allowing users to add customized menus to the menu bar. This new version adds BeHierarchic support. If BeHierarchic 4 is installed, any folder placed in an AliasMenu menu becomes a hierarchical submenu, like in the Apple menu.

Secret Folder 1.1.2 is out. It's the latest version of this utility to conceal a folder and its contents.

Serial Killer 1.0b2 is out. It is a small tool designed to close a serial port that remained open because of a bad programmed application or a crash.

fileWRANGLER 2.0b2 lets you enable, disable or delete Apple Menu Items, Control Panels, CSM's, CMM's, Extensions and Preferences.

ImageGadget 1.0 is an open-source SuperCard based application that helps you brand, resize, and mass export images. It uses QuickTime 3.0 or later.

World Clock CSM 2.6 now displays Internet Time and adds a "Rotate Clocks" option.

Mail Checker 2.0 is now available.

More Lasso 3.5 Hot Fixes have been added to the list.

Adaptec Toast 3.5.7 is out. With versions prior to 3.5.5, there is a small (but possible) chance of data loss if you use Toast's temporary partition feature to create partitions on, or mount partitions from, drive volumes larger than 4GB. The web page does not state what fixes 3.5.7 additionally provides.

VST SuperDisk Driver Installer 2.0 is out.

Griffin's gPort driver 1.0.3 has been released.

Palm Conduit Development Kit 2.2 is out.