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Utilities Updates: sterBatteryInfo�1.0; HyperEdit 1.0; Web Dumper 2.1; more

Utilities Updates: sterBatteryInfo 1.0; HyperEdit 1.0; Web Dumper 2.1; more

sterBatteryInfo 1.0 is a battery info tool

HyperEdit 1.0 is an HTML and PHP editor for Mac OS X. It uses a "split" view with one side a preview pane to display the web page live as a user types.

Web Dumper 2.1 is a tool that allows users to download web sites for offline browsing. The new release has better support for "%20" and other '%' hex codes.

Snard 2.2.1 is a launcher program that provides many of the functionalities of Mac OS 9's Apple and Application menus

REALbasic 5.5.2 is an object-oriented visual programming environment

VueScan 8.0.1 is scanner software for flatbed and film scanners

myPDA Zaurus Edition DR2n is a tool to use the Sharp Zaurus as a Mac PDA

  • sterBatteryInfo 1.0
  • HyperEdit 1.0
  • Web Dumper 2.1
  • Snard 2.2.1
  • REALbasic 5.5.2
  • VueScan 8.0.1
  • myPDA Zaurus Edition DR2n