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Utilities Updates: SnapzPro; SuperDisk drivers; more

Utilities Updates: SnapzPro; SuperDisk drivers; more

SnapzPro 2.0.1, a screen capture utility, fixes a bug that could cause SnapzPro 2 to not work with programs that link to InputSprocket, but aren't actively using it (this notably affected Virtual PC, but it may also have affected some games). It also fixes a bug that caused erroneous data to be sent to the sound compressor, which could result in distorted sound tracks or compression errors.

Imation SuperDisk driver 2.0 has been released.

VST SuperDisk 1.0.2 driver has also been released.

Default Folder 3.0.3b4 is now available, It corrects a problem which caused the file list to flash when the desktop was displayed in Standard File dialogs.

A Better Finder Creators & Types 1.7 is now available. It is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly change the creator and type properties of single or multiple files. Version 1.7 separates the predefined list of creators and types from the users' custom lists. It also provides associated list management features.

Serial Killer 1.0b1 is a small tool designed to close a serial port that remained open because of a bad programmed application or a crash.

MultiPrefs 1.2

WestMate 6.2.4 is out.

MacOS Items Manager 1.0 is out in its release version.

UMAX VistaScan 3.5.1 drivers are out for certain Astra and Vista scanners.

Update: A couple of readers report being unable to get the Installer to work. Don Foy offers this suggestion: "I couldn't get it to install correctly with extensions off, nor with all extensions on. The only way to do it was with Base Mac OS 8.6 enabled."

Update: Charley Tiggs writes: "I had the same difficulty with installing the new UMAX driver. I isolated the problem to the ColorSync option. Knowing that, I trashed all other files and ran a complete custom install skipping the ColorSync option and the install went fine."

C3 (Complete Conflict Compendium) Offline Reference for June is out.