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Utilities Updates: Sleeper; ClearPhone; SpeedTools; FileDispenser; more

Utilities Updates: Sleeper; ClearPhone; SpeedTools; FileDispenser; more

Sleeper 3.2b6 is the latest public beta version of this popular screen saver and energy saving utility. This version includes fixes for password problems at startup, wake-up of the screen when a program needs attention, a correction for the spin-up of IDE disk drives, and less confusing operation on Macs that usually use Apple's Energy Saver control panel.

ClearPhonePro 6.0.6 is now available.

CD-ROM SpeedTools 4.0.2 has been released. It adds support for MacAMP. See this page for more details.

FileDispenser 3.0 "optimizes file management by applying filters when copying or moving files from a Source Folder." This update adds a watching control panel and a directory report window. It also allows users to scan files just in the Source Folder directory or in all sub-folders within the Source Folder as well.

Wapp pro 2.3 is out. It's the latest update to this windows/applications switcher.

Icon Machine 2.0, an icon editor, is now updated with new features for working with 32-bit icons.

DropIcon 2.5 is a drag & drop utility for adding custom preview icons to image files.

iLocation Creator 1.02 "is an application that allows you to more easily manage Internet location files (ILF's) as introduced in OS 8.5."

G3Throttle 1.3.3 "is a Control Strip Module to control the PowerPC 750's Instruction Cache Throttling Control(ICTC) register."

LockOut 1.5.3 is the latest update to this utility that helps keep people from using your Mac while you're away. (Note: Their server was not responding this morning when I tried to go there.)

ZipIt 1.4 zips and unzips archives in a format fully compatible with PKZip for the IBM and zip implementations on other systems.

MacBreakZ! 1.0.1 is an update to this utility that reminds Macintosh users to take regular breaks.

NetFinder 2.02b1 is the latest update to this ftp client.

OneApp Address Book 3.0 is the 3.0 release version of this address book utility.

Minibook Pro 1.0 is a "quick and basic address book."

ConMail 1.6b10 is "a simple POP3 email client that will periodically check whether you have waiting email. ConMail is also a launcher for frequently used Internet related applications. Lastly, it is a PPP dialer for those who use modems."

Distillage 2.2.1 for Mac OS is the latest update of this utility that aids in the creation of Adobe Acrobat PDF's using Acrobat Distiller. It fixes two minor bugs in the preferences that causes the showpage and font selection for inserts to not be saved correctly on some machines. The 2.2 version added a change in the generation of postscript commands for Distiller. It now only requests fonts when using files inserts. See the Read Me for more details.

TextSpresso 1.5.1 is the latest update to this text cleaning utility.

Epson Stylus Color 1520 5.6AE is the latest driver update for this printer. [Note: Two readers have now reported that this file is corrupted and will not expand/decode.]