Utilities Updates: Silverlining Pro; MacArmyKnife; NetControl; more

Utilities Updates: Silverlining Pro; MacArmyKnife; NetControl; more

LaCie Silverlining Pro 6.1 has been announced. It has support for USB devices. It "is compatible with all Macintosh models except Mac Plus, Mac OS 7.5.3 or higher, including OS 8.5.1 and 8.6 and includes full HFS (Extended Mac OS) support." (Thanks, Bob Penman.) [Note: Paul Monfils recently received a copy of Silverlining Pro 6.1.1.b3 from LaCie.]
Update: Peter Fine notes that "Silverlining Pro 6.1 is shipping and already included in new products. I received a copy with a new LaCie Hard drive this past week."

MacArmyKnife 1.1 has been released. " It is meant to be a 'catch all' for mini-utilities and things that other apps don't do."

NetControl 1.0.2 is a "small application that permits you to manage your Remote Access, TCP/IP, Modem and AppleTalk configurations from one simple window. It also features "sets" which allow you to save configuration settings - you can use these sets to modify the settings in all of your networking control panels with only one double click."

OpenUsing 1.3 is the latest update for this Control Strip module to open files using an application other than the file's creator.

A Better Finder Rename 2.3 is out. This new release expands string substitution capabilities. It is now possible to create numbered lists of files (e.g. image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc.) using the creation and modification dates of the files.

MacOS Items Manager 1.0.1 has been released.

OneApp Address Book 2.2b2 is out.

SuperMacPerl is freeware software that allows Mac users the ability to run Perl scripts in SuperCard.

Media Cleaner Pro 4.0 is out.

July virus definitions are out for SAM, NAV and Virex.

VicomSoft's Internet Gateway 6.0.3 and SoftRouter Plus 6.03 have been released.


Keep Me Online 2.0 is due out in about 3 weeks. The developer informs us that the expected update will offer support for pre-Mac OS 8.5 users. It also fixes some bugs with AOL and contains an auto-updater.

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