Utilities Updates: Shockwave; Smart Scroll; Wapp pro; Drag'nBack; more

Utilities Updates: Shockwave; Smart Scroll; Wapp pro; Drag'nBack; more

Shockwave 7.0.3 Player Beta is available. "The purpose of the Shockwave 7.0.3 Player release is to remove the remote, simplify things for end users, and fix bugs involving America Online and Internet Explorer Macintosh. (Thanks, MacFixIt editor Catherine Kunicki.)

Smart Scroll 3.6b2 is the Mac OS 9 compatible version of this popular scroll-bar enhancing utility. It also allows adjusting Scrolling Speed to user-selected rates, for comfortable scrolling on all Mac models.

MacArmyKnife 1.6 is out. It adds a Dashboard window, so you can get access to most all MAK options with one click.

FoolProof Security 3.4 is out. It adds compatibility with Mac OS 9. Also see this list of known issues.

AppearanceHopper 1.9b5 gives you access to additional Appearance-related features. It "allows you to: set the font, size, and style of the System Fonts; access the 'hidden' scroll bar options; set the style of alias names, and turn off the arrow badge on aliases; and modify the Application Switcher palette, all in one user-friendly control panel." It works with Mac OS 9.

Jon's Mac OS 9.0 mods now allows Remote Access' automatic connection window to be sent to the background, letting other applications work in the foreground during dialing/negotiation.

Wapp pro 2.4.1 is the latest version of this windows/applications switcher. It corrects a bug introduced with version 2.4 that causes a crash at startup under Mac OS 8.6.

Wapp Floater 1.1.2 fixes a bug at startup under Mac OS 8.6 introduced with version 1.1.1. The utility is a companion to Wapp pro that displays all the opened windows of the front application in a floating palette.

ClearPhonePro 6.1.5 has been released.

Drag'nBack 3.0.4 is the latest update to this backup utility. In the previous version, if a backup template was in an unmounted disk, the program would simply quit without giving a message. This is now fixed.

TextBroom 1.2.5 is the latest version of this text search-and-replace utility. Some bugs including the opening and closing of files bug have now been fixed.

Instant PD Helper 1.1b2 is "intended to Palm Desktop 2.5 users, who don't want to use the Instant Palm Desktop extension (usually because of a conflict with another extension)."

NameCleaner 2.0.1 is designed to help move files to and from foreign file systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows95, Windows NT, NetWare and Unix.

MacBreakZ! 2.0b1 is a major update to this utility that monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and helps you structure your computer use in a healthy manner which prevents computer-related injuries from developing.

Sophos Anti-Virus 3.28ah is out. The new version includes archive file scanning and the option to detect non-Macintosh, Macintosh, macro and script viruses.

Momentum uConnect 4.0 is a Mac OS 9.0 compatible update for this driver.

Griffin iMate 1.77 is the latest version of this driver. 1.7x versions are needed for Mac OS 9.