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Utilities Updates: SharePoints; FireWalk; DesInstaller;

Utilities Updates: SharePoints; FireWalk; DesInstaller;

FileXaminer; PixelNhance; ShowOff; OmniGraffle; more

SharePoints 2.0.5 is a Preference pane that allows any directory to be shared. This update adds Italian language support and AppleFilerServer threads control.

Firewalk X 2.0.6 fixes a location switching bug with certain system configurations and adds several other improvements. 

DesInstaller 1.1.0 removes and archives the files installed by a pkg file. This version adds the ability to open packages and check packages before installing. It also fixes a number of bugs.

FileXaminer 1.0 is a Get info tool with batch capabilities and group management. (It is free to registered users of Get Info.) This version adds an overview of Mac OS X privileges in Help, UNIX group management, batch support for changing dates and custom icons, and it fixes a bug where FileXaminer would resolve aliases contained in folders.

PixelNhance 1.5.7 is an image editing utility. This update fixes a problem were loading some pictures displayed only a thumbnail and it open images with the highest reasonable zoom factor.

ShowOff 0.4 is a screen saver that displays uptime. This release adds custom text colors and a control to set update frequency.

OmniGraffle 2.0 creates diagrams, family trees, flow charts, organizational charts, layouts. This version adds layers, new tools and modes, embedded hyperlinks, Web export, AppleScript support, bug fixes, and more.

Speed Download 1.8fc5b is a download accelerator that uses simultaneous connections. This version adds bug fixes, improved plugin performance, a keyboard shortcut for preferences, and preliminary cookie support. [OS 9 & X]

Hide-A-Folder X 2.6.1 is a simple utility to hide folders. This update fixes a crashing bug.

CountDown 1.5.1 is an alarm clock utility. This update adds a count-to feature and bug fixes.

Alarm Clock Pro 5.2.2 is an MP3 alarm clock, timer, calendar, to do list, and reminder utility. This release adds new settings to the Timer module, a very loud beep, better documentation, and smaller file sizes for pre-installed beeps. [OS 9 & X]

Halime 0.8.0 is a Cocoa-based subscription oriented newsreader which helps keep track off different subjects on the net with different, multiple subscriptions. It supports multiple news servers, binary extraction, makes extensive use of the Macintosh Aqua user interface, and a lot more. This update fixes cancel own messages feature, binary file extraction, and many bug fixes.

OroborOSX 0.8p2 is a complete environment for X11 on Mac OS X.

VueScan 7.5.12 is a third-party scanner driver. This release adds support for the following scanners: LM983X scanners; Canon N650U, D660U, N670U, N1220U, D120U, N1240U; Epson 1250; HP 2100C, 2200C; Umax 3400; BearPaw 1200, 2400; Genius (6 different USB models); and Plustek (8 different USB models). [OS 9 & X]

Microsoft IntelliPoint X 2.1.0 is the latest release of the IntelliMouse driver. This version fixes the problem we reported previously with improperly launching Classic, and it includes an un-installer.

Update: Several users have also reported that the driver will not recognize the mouse hardware unless the mouse is removed and then reinserted. Bob Eller found that the new driver cured a problem with his iMac G4 refusing to sleep properly.