Utilities Updates: Screen Catcher; NotePad Deluxe; RealView; Synk X; A.I.D.; DragText; more

Utilities Updates: Screen Catcher; NotePad Deluxe; RealView; Synk X; A.I.D.; DragText; more

Screen Catcher 2.3.3 is a screen capture tool. It corrects problems introduced in the previous version that caused compatibility issues with versions of Kensington MouseWorks prior to 5.6. It has been tested successfully with both current and past versions of Kensington's software.

NotePad Deluxe 2.1.3 is a replacement for Apple's Note Pad. This release is fully Carbonized. Fixes include the printing bug, exporting files that begin with a dot in the filename, and the open command in the contextual menu. New features includes new background textures, drag and drop on the printer icon, and a larger/smaller modifier key.

RealView 2.7 is an image and text viewer. This update adds compatibility with the Appearance Manager and Navigation Services. The find command is improved, and zooming is more flexible. Also includes some interface tweaks.

Synk X 3.1b7 is a backup and synchronization utility. This release now obeys the cancel button under Mac OS X, drag and drop also work under Mac OS X, and is better at updating the progress bar when scanning.

A.I.D. 4.0.2 is a utility to manage eBay auction transactions. This version fixes bugs that caused Selling auctions not to be fetched, Outlook Express users to be prompted for Entourage, blank Shipping fields to cause an email warning message, and more.

DragText 1.0 enables text to be dragged to a global window for pasting into any application. What makes this application unique is that it is possible to drag multiple files to create multiple draggable items.

QIF Convert 1.4 Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) banking or credit card transaction files, adding Quicken categories based on the description of each transaction. This update now supports certain banks that erroneously put minus signs at the end of transaction amounts. It also fixes a user interface glitch in using the up arrow when entering categories and a condition where program would not start because it thought it was out of memory.

QIF Web Extract 1.3 is used to convert investment transactions from Web pages. This version backs out the changes made in release 1.2, which appear to be ignored by Quicken.

Ivan's Color Picker 1.6.1 includes a new windows menu, bug fixes, RGB values in the Zoom Window, and multiple palette banks on the Palette Window.

Metrotalk 1.0b2 is an IRC client. This release fixes the DCC support crash, sports a new interface and PING support. Users are warned to delete the any preference file from a previous version before updating.

Snak 4.6 is an IRC client. This version adds support for DCC send from behind a NAT router and on AirPort networks. Other changes include an improved server selection list, connection window width is now remembered, multiple preferences allow several people to share Snak, find works better, and much more.

LineSort 4.8.6 is a BBEdit plugin that adds line sorting functionality. This version makes character comparisons always case sensitive and the ignore case checkbox is now an output control.

InkSpot 1.2b1 is an alternative Carbonized client for Hotline servers. This version disables several existing features, such as file uploads proxies, presumably to speed the conversion to Mac OS X. The author intends to reenable them soon.

Cambio 1.6.5 is a tool for changing file types and more via drag and drop. This version adds support for iTunes MP3 files, improves performance, and fixes several cosmetic issues.

Mapigator 1.0b7 is a utility to specify which server your Napster client uses. This update adds a rating for each server and two new menu items, E-Mail Server and Go to Server's Website. Also, creating server shortcuts is improved.

Unix Date 1.2.6 is an AppleScript scripting addition that reformats the standard Mac OS Date/Time into two Unix formats. This release adds a Carbon version with identical functionality.

Faust's Friend 2.0 grabs headlines from news sites. This version fixes Moreover issues and is fully Carbonized.

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