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Utilities Updates: Safari Enhancer�2.5.1; Interarchy�7.1; Symantec NAV virus def�Apr 14; more

Utilities Updates: Safari Enhancer 2.5.1; Interarchy 7.1; Symantec NAV virus def Apr 14; more

Safari Enhancer 2.5.1 enhances the functionality of Safari, allowing users to enable the debug menu, remove underlines from hyperlinks and more. The new release adds Google Canada, Google Italy, Google Australia and Google Switzerland as search engine choices, and administrator password can now be stored in keychain

Interarchy 7.1 provides FTP, SFTP, HTTP connectivity. The new release can save Upload Droplets. copy URLs, and has a new preference for open in new window or new tab.

Symantec NAV virus def Apr 14 is a set of definition files for Norton AntiVirus (use LiveUpdate)

Crm4Mac 1.0b7 integrates iCal, Address Book, and Mail.

FaceOff 1.4.1 is a tool to install any localized language package automatically

PW-Creator 1.0 creates secure passwords

  • Safari Enhancer 2.5.1
  • Interarchy 7.1
  • Symantec NAV virus def Apr...
  • Crm4Mac 1.0b7
  • FaceOff 1.4.1
  • PW-Creator 1.0
  • More from Utilities Updates