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Utilities Updates: Retrospect 6.0; SpamSieve�2.1.2; Color Labels�1.0.3; more

Utilities Updates: Retrospect 6.0; SpamSieve 2.1.2; Color Labels 1.0.3; more

Retrospect 6.0 is a backup utility. No limit to the size of volumes that can be backed up or the amount of data stored in a Backup,

SpamSieve 2.1.2 is a Bayesian spam filter for most email clients. The new release can move Apple Mail POP messages to the Spam folder. Thus, it now fully supports Apple Mail on Jaguar and Panther.

Color Labels 1.0.3 colorizes Finder icons in OS X.

Russian Safari 2.5 adds Russian localization to the Safari browser

Black & Bleu 8.1 provides a compilation of error codes, causes and possible cures.

Imagine BootX 2.2 can change the boot image shown at startup

  • Retrospect 6.0
  • SpamSieve 2.1.2
  • Color Labels 1.0.3
  • Russian Safari 2.5
  • Black & Bleu 8.1
  • Imagine BootX 2.2
  • More from Utilities Updates