Utilities Updates: QuickMail; AppSizer; OpenUsing; more

Utilities Updates: QuickMail; AppSizer; OpenUsing; more

QuickMail Pro Client 2.0.2 (along with the previously announced QuickMail Pro Server 2.0.1) are now available.

AppSizer 2.31 is the latest update to this utility that lets you modify an application's memory partition size as you launch it. It now allows you to permanently save changes in partition size for applications on read-only volumes such as CD-ROM and locked network volumes.

MacOS Items Manager 1.5.2 now remembers the "expanded" folders and the "Show information" state.

OpenUsing 1.5.2b1 has been released.

Address Book 4.1.3 is out.

LockOut 1.6.1 is out.

KeyboardLock 1.5 is now available. This is a major update to the popular keyboard locking utility. In addition to a simple lock/unlock mechanism, version 1.5 adds the ability to selectively lock the Help, Caps Lock and Power Keys; as well the option of adding sound to keystrokes. It is Mac OS 9 compatible.

Y2K App Checker is available. This is separate another utility with a similar name: Y2K Checker 1.0

WebEvent 3.2b3 is an update to the Web calendar and scheduling software. It is the last beta version before the final version is released on or before November 8, 1999. New features include: An integrated modify and view mode; Public submission of events; Event change notification via email; New repeating event types and more.

WebShocker 2.0 "offers a powerful yet streamlined interface for creating the smallest and most compact GIF Animations, Animated Banners, Java Animations and QuickTime Movies. The update ports a new and improved user interface and incorporates over 200 plus new features and enhancements over version 1.0. It is slated to ship in the first week of November."

FWB HDT Device Data Files have been updated.

REALbasic 2.1a22 is now available.

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