Utilities Updates: QT Streaming Server; Save A BNDL; MagicScan; PGP Freeware; Mac Identifier; YankPro; more

Utilities Updates: QT Streaming Server; Save A BNDL; MagicScan; PGP Freeware; Mac Identifier; YankPro; more

Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server Update 1.0.1 is out. It updates the QuickTime Streaming Server Preview or QuickTime Streaming Server 1.0 to 1.0.1. According to a press release, it doubles the performance of the server.

Save A BNDL 1.4 has been released. It's the latest version of the application that gets the Finder to recognize changes in an individual file's BNDL resource without requiring rebuilding the Desktop.

MagicScan 4.3 driver for selected UMAX scanners is now out. Tiok-Woo Teo notes it now has "full support for G3/BWs."

PGP Freeware 6.5.1 has been released. I did not see any mention of whether it addresses the SimpleText issue mentioned last time.

Mac Identifier 3.0.1 is out. This update to the model name identifying utility fixes a few issues in the just released 3.0. It model database has been brought up to date (including matching icons for the different flavored iMacs).

Note: Horst Prillinger adds: "With Mac OS 8.6 installed, Apple System Profiler and other similar diagnostic utilities will mistakenly claim that a Power Macintosh 7300 is a Power Macintosh 7500. This is because OS 8.6 changes the hardware ID # from 109 to 68. Mac Identifier can cure this. It has an option to set a computer's hardware ID to a different value, so you can change 68 back into 109."

YankPro 3.1.1 has been released.

Jeremy's CSM's 2.0.0 is available. adds the Drive Space CSM and bug fixes for several other of the modules.

MACh Speed G3 Control 1.3.3 is now available.

RealView 2.6.6 is out. It is "application for the Mac OS computers, designed for fast viewing, converting and printing of text, image and data files. RealView can open any file and display its contents as an image, styled text (including embedded pictures), Plain Text or as a Hex dump." The update "adds some drag and drop niceties, removes printer driver dependency and a host of bug fixes."

DVD-Player 0.92.11 let's you play DVD files on Macs with a DVD Player but no MPEG-2 card. It follows on the heels of the just released .10 version.

Griffin iMate 1.41 has been released.

iDock 1.0.1 driver is now out.

Austrian Keyboard Patch 2.0 "corrects a problem with the German version of Mac OS 8.5, 8.5.1 and 8.6, where pressing the apostrophe key ['] produces an accent circonflexe [^] if the Austrian keyboard layout is selected (the German and Swiss layouts are not affected, and no patch is needed for them)."

Blue Label PowerEmulator Update 4, a PC emulator for the Macintosh, is now out. "This update includes new component Super Floppy Disk 1.44. The component allows you to use floppy disk images and install OSes from CD-ROM disks if you don't have floppy disk drive or if your OS CD disk is not bootable. Also there are some bugs fixed."

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