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Utilities Updates: Program Switcher; Sproing!; AutoCat; FileGeek; Interface Viewer; Contact Keeper; more

Utilities Updates: Program Switcher; Sproing!; AutoCat; FileGeek; Interface Viewer; Contact Keeper; more

Program Switcher 5.6 is available. This version adds the ability to define hot keys or add applications to the launch/exclude list by drag and drop and it fixes several minor bugs.

Sproing! 1.0 is a new multi-item launcher, app switcher, and file manager. It! facilitates opening documents and applications, switching from one application to another, quitting applications (individually or all at once), browsing folders and disks, moving files, renaming files, deleting files, and more.

AutoCat 3.0 creates disk catalogs navigable through the Finder and open boxes. This release is Carbonized to run under Mac OS X (or Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib).

FileGeek 2.5.2 is a tool for viewing and editing file attributes. This update adds presets and fixes a crashing bug on some faster systems under Mac OS 9.1.

Interface Viewer 1.0.4 can preview Finder themes or Kaleidoscope schemes. This update adds an interface log that can take snapshots of

Contact Keeper 3.1.1 now prints in Monaco 9, all fields are now printed, and printing speed has been improved. It also adds several new options, including printing names and addresses, multiple contacts creation, jump to home, and multiple open databases.

PowerMail 3.0.9 is the latest version of this email client with advanced indexing, filtering & search capabilities. It is now natively supported both on Mac OS X (Carbon) and on Mac OS 9 and 8 (Classic).

WeatherCenter 1.0b7 monitors weather conditions with a TV-style weather outlook. It adds support for Canada, a new auto-upgrade feature, bug fixes, and more.

Phase Scope 1.0b4 is a visual plugin for iTunes and SoundJam which shows stereo info. It corrects a cosmetic problem that caused an incorrect display of the info message. Now it only is displayed on startup, or when the display area is clicked.

HexEdit 1.7 is a hexdump viewer and editor that works similarly to the hex editor provided with Apple's ResEdit. It allows you to edit both the data fork and the resource fork of a file, compare files for changes, and includes basic find and replace functionality. Click here for a list of what is new.

MacInstall 1.2b7 is out. This update fixes a crash under Mac OS X when a folder is dropped on an installer window, it now can uninstall a program, and help is available under Mac OS X.

Apple CarbonLib SDK 1.3.1 has been released. It is for developers to help create CarbonLib savvy applications.

miChat! 1.0b6 is a chat client for use with Yahoo!'s chat service. This update adds Mac OS X functionality and fixes a number of display problems. It fixes the custom away message, adds a new ignore command and window splitters, and it no longer disconnects when sending large messages.

Be Found 2.6 is a search engine submission tool, ranking checker, and meta tag manager. This update can now save rank check results in Excel format and it also includes a number of bug fixes.

iLabel 1.5 automates label printing. This version fixes problems with the line tool and a bug that interfered with printing some two digit numbers. It raises the max number of columns for imported files to 100, and fixes cosmetic bugs in the Mac OS X version.

Macally iShock 2.0 is a driver for the USB game controller. It now supports both iShock and iShock II, including the force feedback APIs (for iShock II). It also improves reliability of the “auto-fire” function and supports 2 player mode.