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Utilities Updates: PGPFreeware; TypePopper; LaunchControl; iSee; AutoCheck; UTC Display; MooseCalc; more

Utilities Updates: PGPFreeware; TypePopper; LaunchControl; iSee; AutoCheck; UTC Display; MooseCalc; more

PGPFreeware 7.0.3 is data encryption software for U.S. and Canadian residents. The update adds support for the new Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (Rijndael) and the Aggressive Mode standard for IKE. It also has PGP Key and X.509 Certificate support, Entropy and Cryptographic algorithms, single sign on, an instant messaging plugin, email plug-ins, and disk, file, and free space wiping.

TypePopper 1.3 is a contextual menu plugin for editing type and creator codes. This release fixes a possible crash with "paste" menu, adds a "Postscript" file type, uses MoreFiles 1.5, and was recompiled with CodeWarrior Pro 6.

LaunchControl 1.3 allows the user to change the memory allocation of an application at launch. This update fixes several bugs and adds support for locked files and/or disks (such as CD-ROM's).

iSee 2.0 is a tool to display and print previews of pictures selected in the Finder. This release adds a progress indicator, numerous bug fixes, speed improvements, support for movies, and it no longer disturbs the Finder selection when creating custom icons.

AutoCheck 2.2 utilizes AppleScript to automate Disk First Aid to check disks at specified intervals, when unattended, at startup, and more.

UTC Display 1.0.6 displays Universal Time in any corner of the screen. This update fixes the slow updating and auto-hide issues on some systems running Mac OS 9.1 and it fixes the DST bug that display the time as a negative number. In addition, the menubar now updates correctly when canceling the Preferences dialog.

MooseCalc 1.1.1 is a multifunction calculator. This update fixes a corrupt installer module that prevented the keyboard/keypad from working properly in Numeric and Computer modes. It also fixes a problem where negative numbers did not work properly in Computer mode.

Adobe PostScript printer driver 8.7.1 is a driver for PostScript printers. It adds support for USB printers, support for OpenType fonts, and support for a Transverse option for printers that support custom page sizes.

VueScan 6.6.1 is an alternate film scanner driver for Nikon, Minolta, HP, and others. This update adds support for the transparency adapter on an Acer 620 and for writing 16-bit Infrared data to TIFF files. It also can change the gamma of an image, does a better job cleaning up images, and uses less memory.