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Utilities Updates: Open Files Count; Power Windows; InstallerMaker; more

Utilities Updates: Open Files Count; Power Windows; InstallerMaker; more

Open Files Count 2.0 is a Control Strip Module that tells you how many files you currently have open. This new version has been updated to work with Mac OS 9's increased maximum open file limit of 8169.

Power Windows 2.0.7 is a control panel that lets you drag entire windows instead of just dotted outlines. Version 2.0.7 fixes a problem using translucent dragging with Sherlock 2 windows under Mac OS 9.

FoldersSynchronizer 1.7 is the latest version of this utility that does what its name suggests.

Web Devil 4.8.1 is a "tool for downloading web pages and their associated images, textures, and links quickly and easily."

ViaHTTP 1.6 allows you to start/resume HTTP downloads.

POPThing 1.4 lets you check your mail without downloading it.

Aladdin InstallerMaker 6.5 is out. New features include DemoMaker, which turns applications into demoware in minutes, an electronic registration card that can be customized to include marketing messaging, support for multiple Gestalt conditions, an auto-update installer archive feature, Mac OS 9 compatibility, new language modules, new lower pricing, and more.

ExtremeZ·IP 1.1 enables Macintosh workstations to access files on a Windows NT server. It offers faster file sharing performance, enhanced file format compatibility with Microsoft's Services for Macintosh (SFM), and faster start-up times, as well as support for Mac OS 9 technologies and for workstations with remote access service (RAS) or multiple network cards.

Still in beta:

Apple USB DDK 1.4b2 are the latest beta versions of the next update to these USB software.

NetFinder 2.0.3b1 is a beta version of the next update to this ftp client.

WebsiteDietician cleans up HTML code, reducing size of pages and increasing their loading speed. It features batch file processing of entire folders, automatic PICT to JPEG conversion, live preview of quality loss caused by JPEG compression, as well as drag&drop ability. A trial version will be available to download soon. Meanwhile, Blue Line Studios is looking beta testers.