Utilities Updates / Odds & Ends

Utilities Updates / Odds & Ends

Scrollability 1.0.3 "makes scrolling faster and easier." This update provides support for Microsoft Word, fixes problems with Eudora and Internet Explorer, and adds the ability to temporarily disable Scrollability with the Caps Lock key.

SoundApp 2.5 is out. New formats supported include: MPEG-2.5 Layer III files, including WAVE MP3 files, MPEG-2 Layer I and II files, EPOC 32 (Psion Series 5) sound files (a-law only), Atari AVR, arbitrary QuickTime compression formats, and conversion to EPOC 32 (Psion Series 5) sound files (a-law only). Other new features include: A slider in the Status window to allow skipping around while playing a sound file, support for playback of MIDI files using GS instruments using QuickTime 3.0, including multiple drum tracks.

G3 card info Low End Mac is another site covering G3 upgrade card info.

NTR and multipurpose tray glitch An Apple TIL file acknowledges an often reported problem with the LaserWriter NTR not printing from the multipurpose tray. Work-arounds are suggested.

Multiple Scan Display and 9500 glitch Another TIL file describes a problem where a Multiple Scan 720 Display connected to a Power Macintosh 9500 only provides a 640 x 480 resolution. The problem is due to the ATI video card which is bundled with the 9500. Work-arounds are suggested.

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