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Utilities Updates: Mozilla; Dantz Retrospect Driver Update;

Utilities Updates: Mozilla; Dantz Retrospect Driver Update;

FileMaker Pro; Handheld Sync for Entourage; more

Mozilla 1.1 is's next generation Web browser. The new release has improved application and layout performance, improved stability, and improved Web site compatibility.

Dantz Retrospect 5.0 Driver Update is a plug-in extension for Retrospect 5.0 or Retrospect Express 5.0. It updates Retrospect or Retrospect Express to support new drives, fix bugs, and work around problems.

FileMaker Pro 6.0v3 is a popular database application. In FileMaker Pro 6.0v1 and 6.0v2, 4-digit year dates in imported or converted files could be displayed using the incorrect century. This has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 6.0v3.

Microsoft Handheld Sync for Entourage X 10.0.1 is the re-released utility to synchronize, or transfer, items between Microsoft Entourage and your handheld. When you synchronize, Entourage copies the contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar events to and from your handheld.

Apple .Mac Slides Publisher 1.0 is an application that allows you to share your photos as a screen saver using your iDisk. Other Mac OS X version 10.2 users who subscribe to your slideshow automatically receive updates to your slideshow whenever it is republished.

The Missing Sync X 3.0.3 is a Sony CLIE hotsync and data transfer tool. The new version allows any Sony Handheld to sync with any USB equipped Mac running OS X and using a Sony Handheld USB cradle or cable.

Modifier Pro 2.5b3 is a file and folder permissions editor and file operations tool.

Alias Disk 1.0 creates a local searchable catalog of files for removable disks. The tool allows you to keep removable disks locally on your hard disk in the form of aliases to every file on that disk in the correct folder heirarchy.