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Utilities Updates: MimMac 1.0.1; Codex�1.6.2; Desktop Manager�0.3.4; more

Utilities Updates: MimMac 1.0.1; Codex 1.6.2; Desktop Manager 0.3.4; more

MimMac 1.0.1 creates bootable system backups, merging, data backup. The new release fixed a rare situation where a file type conflict with folders or file packages would cause the progress information to become inaccurate.

Codex 1.6.2 is a tool to checksum, archive, encrypt, shred, burn, create disk images.

Desktop Manager 0.3.4 is a virtual desktop manager

Screen Movie Recorder 1.4 is a tool to record screen action to QuickTime movie

Rosetta 1.6.2 decodes most archive formats and rejoins binary files

Little Snitch 1.1rc5 shows an alert on outgoing network connections

  • MimMac 1.0.1
  • Codex 1.6.2
  • Desktop Manager 0.3.4
  • Screen Movie Recorder 1.4
  • Rosetta 1.6.2
  • Little Snitch 1.1rc5
  • More from Utilities Updates