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Utilities Updates: iType; Startup Doubler; AppDisk; Search & Rescue; more

Utilities Updates: iType; Startup Doubler; AppDisk; Search & Rescue; more

iType 2.0 "is an extension which watches as you type. As you type in any application you build up iType's vocabulary. This happens automatically and invisibly in the background. After a short time iType starts to use its expanding database to recommend words based on the first few letters you type."

TypeIt4Me 4.8.1 "is a lot like Word's AutoCorrect feature, but it works in every application."

Startup Doubler 2.0 is now available. "The new startup acceleration technology in this major update makes startups about 20% to 50% faster." It is compatible with Mac OS 8.6.

Search & Rescue 1.0.1 "is an application that allows you to recover text from memory - useful after a system crash." I tried it; it seemed to work although what I could find with it was usually not worth recovering.

AppDisk 1.7.4 is the latest version of this RAM Disk utility. It fixes an incompatibility with Mac OS 8.6 and a recently introduced bug that caused problems saving RAM Disks larger than 32MB.

AppWatcher 1.0 "watches and records which applications are being used, and for how long."

Desktopper 1.3 "instantly displays your desktop icons without hiding applications or moving Finder windows."

Digest Viewer 2.1 is the latest update to this email digest reader.

Synchronize! Pro 4.0.1 is the latest update to this "professional-strength file server mirroring, synchronization and backup utility."

MultiPrefs 1.1.1 allows you to maintain multiple sets of preferences for multiple users of the same computer.

toggler 1.0 "is a simple contextual-menu plugin to 'toggle' the state of SimpleText documents. If they're normal, it sets them to read-only. And vice-versa."

Distillage 2.1 beta 2 is out. It fixes some bugs and makes a few cosmetic changes.

FAXstf Pro 5 XCMDs are now available in a scripting addition, allowing people to automate faxing of documents from within any AppleScript scriptable application including FileMaker Pro. Beta 3 of the new scripting addition is now available.

FontBuddy 1.2.1 is out.

Hard Disk SpeedTools 2.1 is now available.

IPNetMonitor 2.3c5 is the latest in a never-ending series of frequent updates to this fine utility.

Westmate 6.2.4 is apparently the 8.6-compatible update to this law software.