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Utilities Updates: IPNetRouterX 1.3c4; A Better Finder Rename 7.7.5; Maintenance 1.1.3; Java Embedding Plugin; more

The latest troubleshooting and general utilities for Mac OS X.

IPNetRouterX 1.3c4: router, firewall and network management utility. The new release can re-enable bpftransmit for sending non-subnet broadcasts.

A Better Finder Rename 7.7.5: file, photo, MP3 batch renamer. This release adds support for iTunes music store m4p-encoded files and adds new mp3 renaming options.

Maintenance 1.1.3: system maintenance and cleaning utility. This release works with Mac OS X Server.

Java Embedding Plugin use the latest Java in non-Safari browsers. This release fixes a seldom-encountered crash bug that was introduced by version of the Java Embedding Plugin. The crash happens when a Java Thread subclass calls (or the equivalent) from its run() method.

Labels X 1.8.1: haxie adds and modifies file labeling features. This release fixes an issue preventing Recent Items menu from working on Intel-based Macs.

Multisite for iWeb 1.5: enables multiple sites for use with iWeb. The new release adds a feature to import and export web sites.

QuitsApps 1.0: selectively quit applications.

FLVR 0.9b12: download Flash video, directly from Safari, from any site. This release has general bug fixes.

  • IPNetRouterX 1.3c4
  • A Better Finder Rename 7.7...
  • Maintenance 1.1.3
  • Java Embedding Plugin 0.9....
  • Labels X 1.8.1
  • Multisite for iWeb 1.5
  • QuitsApps 1.0
  • FLVR 0.9b12
  • More from Utilities Updates
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