Utilities Updates: Invisible Prefs; FileGeek; LockOut; Ptah; Cool Search & Replace; more

Utilities Updates: Invisible Prefs; FileGeek; LockOut; Ptah; Cool Search & Replace; more

Invisible Prefs 0.4.7 finds, shows, makes copies of invisible items in your Preferences folder.

FileGeek 2.5 is a file type, creator and Finder attribute editor.

Cool Search & Replace 1.3.4 is a powerful Macintosh mass search and replace program for HTML files. It can search through multiple different folders, modify thousands of files, and can change up to 10 different text strings at once. The update includes minor bug fixes and some speed improvements.

LockOut 3.1 is a simple security tool. Now you can have LockOut spin down the hard disk when it goes into Lockout mode, or even schedule a daily shut down.

Ptah 1.1 an open and view PICT, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP image files. It can open and play QuickTime, MPEG, and AVI movie files. Using QuickTime 4 it can also play MP3 audio files. It can open and edit styled text documents...and more. It is Carbonized.

Rosetta 1.1 decodes files that have been encoded using the most common encoding methods (BinHex, MacBinary, MIME Base64, uuencode). It is Carbonized.

HTML-Optimizer 4.3 and HTML-OptimizerPlus 2.3 check your web pages for broken links and dangling tags and optimizes both text and graphic files. The updates add an Open Text File menu and a zoom box for better viewing the text field. Some minor bugs have been fixed too.

Mulberry 2.1a3 is a scalable IMAP email client with SSL support. Attachments can now be 'viewed' as opposed to just saved to disk. The update also fixes many bugs.

VirusBarrier definitions for April, NAV definitions for April, and Virex definitions for April are all out.

Griffin iMic Control 1.0b6 is a beta version of a driver for this USB microphone. The update gives users a new level of control for USB audio devices.

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