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Utilities Updates: Hackpos� 1.1; VueScan 7.6.64; Fink�0.6.1; Net Monitor�3.5.0b7; more

Utilities Updates: Hackposé 1.1; VueScan 7.6.64; Fink 0.6.1; Net Monitor 3.5.0b7; more

Hackposé 1.1 is a utility that will allow you to quickly turn on the hidden "Exposé blob" that allows you to control Exposé with a floating controller. The new release allows you to turn on the alternate "Show Desktop" feature of Exposé where the windows turn into one small window (not shooting off the sides as usual).

VueScan 7.6.64 is scanner software for flatbed and film scanners. The new releases fixes a problem with Minolta 5400 grain dissolver and a problem with several Microtek scanners.

Fink 0.6.1 is a package management system.

Net Monitor 3.5.0b7 is a tool to graph network activity of local/remote computer

QueueSync 2.0.3 is a Palm conduit for Entourage v.X.

Smart Trash 1.0.6 enhances the functions of the Mac OS X trash

LoginWindow Manager 1.0 is a tool to manage hidden features of the login window

  • Hackposé 1.1
  • VueScan 7.6.64
  • Fink 0.6.1
  • Net Monitor 3.5.0b7
  • QueueSync 2.0.3
  • Smart Trash 1.0.6
  • LoginWindow Manager 1.0
  • More from Utilities Updates