Utilities Updates: grabURL; Synchronize Pro; WorkStrip;

Utilities Updates: grabURL; Synchronize Pro; WorkStrip;


ChangeDesktop; DropDMG; APC Tracker; utilApache; more

grabURL 1.0.1 is a BBEdit script to grab text documents from Web servers. The new version fixes the conflict between BBEdit and URL Access Scripting by replacing URL Access Scripting with the cURL command line utility. Downloads are also slightly faster.

Synchronize! Pro X 1.2.3 makes bootable system backups and syncs files. The new release fixes a cosmetic problem with the display of icons on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and resolves a problem with the display of GB file sizes in the Status window.

WorkStrip X 2.0.1 is a customizable dock replacement. The new release works correctly on Mac OS X 10.2, and has greatly reduced CPU usage when idle.

ChangeDesktop 2.1.2 randomly changes the desktop picture from any number of folders. The latest release adds French localization for all components and includes changes to work with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

DropDMG 1.7 creates compressed and encrypted disk images. The new release adds support for license agreements, with rich text and multiple localizations.The image destination path is now stored abbreviated with a tilde, if possiblel, which should help people who have multiple boot partitions. Also, the log is now printable.

APC Tracker 2.1.2 is a client for UPS implementations in a network. The new version sports improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and fixes some minor typos.

utilApache2 0.1.1 is an Apache management tool. In the new version, if the path to Apache contained " " or "_" utilApache2 now determines the path correctly. Also, when quiting, the application now runs 'sudo -k,' which increases security.

weRclean2 0.1.1 runs daily, weekly and/or monthly Unix cleaning scripts. In previous versions, "Authorize" would authorize AND run the selected scripts, though it was not supposed to run the script(s).

secureSLEEP 0.1.1 password protects a Mac during sleep. Previously, it was theoretically possible to quit secureSLEEP after it initiated sleep but before it started the screen saver.

VPNConnect 1.0.4 is a GUI for the CiscoVPN Unity client. The latest release incorporates compatibility with v3.6 of the Cisco client.

Firewalk X 2.1.6 is a fully featured firewall. The new version fixes a preference pane refresh bug when switching locations.

System Optimizer X 3.0 purportedly speeds up various aspects of system, the Internet access, and saves RAM. The new version features window buffer compression, internet version checking, localized readmes, full error coding, minor bug fixes, minor interface improvements.

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