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Utilities Updates: FontBuddy; DiskGuard; PGP; more

Utilities Updates: FontBuddy; DiskGuard; PGP; more

FontBuddy 1.3.1 has been released. It is mainly a bug-fix update of this font viewer utility.

DiskGuard 1.8.7 is out. It adds Mac OS 9 compatibility.

PGP Desktop Security 6.5.2a and PGP Personal Privacy 6.5.2a have been released.

FoldersSynchronizer 1.6 is yet another recent update to this utility.

NoNavigation 1.1 lets you toggle Navigation Services on and off at any time.

MacTuner 2.1.2 is the latest update to this program for accessing radio stations over the Internet.

MediaWrapper Light 2.0.6 lets you scan a removable disk, and print out the contents on a wrapper, which you can insert into the disk case. The 2.0.6 update addresses some of the problems with the 'Nil object Exception error' which happened when MediaWrapper could not find the default picture.

Microtek ScanWizard 3.24.3 is out. The version of ScanWizard scanner driver is compatible with Mac OS 9.0.

World Clock CSM 2.7 is out. This version adds a "Time Converter" dialog box; it lets the user easily calculate corresponding dates & times in cities or locations belonging to different time zones. There are also several bug fixes.