Utilities Updates: Font Reserve; Game Sprockets; Secret Folder; Virex; AIM; more

Utilities Updates: Font Reserve; Game Sprockets; Secret Folder; Virex; AIM; more

Font Reserve 2.5 is the latest update to this font management utility. It works with Mac OS 9, ACTION WYSIWYG, and has several other new features. (Thanks, Mark Carroll.)
Actually, it includes ACTION WYSIWYG as part of a licensing deal with Power On Software.

Apple Game Sprockets SDK 1.7 is available online.

Secret Folder 1.4 is a utility that lets you toggle a folder from visible to invisible. The update includes a new Get info window display.

OtherMenu 2.0.3 creates a system-wide hierarchical menu somewhat like the Apple menu. The update "fixes conflicts with 4th Dimension and Resorcerer, and makes the New Folder external work in Mac OS 9.0."

Virex Definitions file for November is now available.

VST USB Floppy Drive 2.1 is out. Of note: Dennis Najuch had written about the previous 2.0 version and Mac OS 9: "I could not mount a floppy disk and an Iomega Zip disk at the same time on my new iMac DV." This could relate to more general USB problems with the new iMacs or Iomega-specific issues (all of which are in the iMac MacFixIt Report). However, with luck, maybe this 2.1 update will help.

Still in beta

Virex 6 Beta 2 control panel is out. "This Development Release should only be tested against the F9 release of OS 9 or later, it contains no additional functionality for OS systems prior to version 9."

Rebound 2.01b1 is a "minor update to this software for the device that restarts your Mac after a system crash. Rebound! 2.0.1 includes improvements to application crash detection, and iLog 1.0.1 adds more customization features."

AOL Instant Messenger 3.5791 is the first version to include AIM Talk. "AIM Talk lets you skip the typing and talk directly to the person you're IMing."

NetFinder 2.02b4 is the latest beta of this ftp client.

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