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Utilities Updates: Firefox; iBackup; DockFun!; PGP; Dock-It

Utilities Updates: Firefox; iBackup; DockFun!; PGP; Dock-It

Mozilla Firefox v0.9 is the latest preview of the third-party Web browser. This version adds a Data Migration feature for those switching from other browsers, a new online help system, and other fixes and improvements.

iBackup v1.1.3 is a utility for backing up and restoring data. This version adds scheduling functionality.

DockFun! v4.6 is a utility that enables multiple Docks and allows you to switch between them. This version includes a number of enhancements.

PGP v8.1 is the PGP Disk/PGP Mail encryption utility. This version adds a number of improvements and enhancements, as well as better compatibility with various email clients.

Dock-It v2.0 is the Dock-like launcher and Finder enhancer. This version adds support for Docklings, provides a number of new applets, and and changes several elements.

  • Mozilla Firefox v0.9
  • iBackup v1.1.3
  • DockFun! v4.6
  • PGP v8.1
  • Dock-It v2.0
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