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Utilities Updates: FinderPop; EpsonShare; Jeremy's CSM Bundle; more

Utilities Updates: FinderPop; EpsonShare; Jeremy's CSM Bundle; more

FinderPop 1.8.4 is the latest update to this popular contextual menu enhancement utility. It includes Mac OS 8.x - 9.0 compatibility. The Control-free CMM popup -- just click and hold -- now works in many more applications. Other fixes and features were also added.

EpsonShare 1.4 is the latest version of the utility that allows you to share a Stylus Color Epson printer between several Macintoshes, without an additional network adapter card. It features increased compatibility with the System 9 Multi-users features and compatibility with the new 660, 760, 860 and 1160 Epson printers. A web page notes that EpsonShare does not work with Adobe PressReady or Epson Rip software. Also, as current Epson drivers do not work in Mac OS 9 "Limited" or "Panel" Multiple Users modes, EpsonShare also does not work in these modes.

Jeremy's CSM Bundle 2.0.2 is out. This is a popular package of Control Strip Modules that include the Battery CSM (displays PowerBook battery information including voltage), the EnergyStrip CSM (allows adjustments to the power conservation settings), the Caps Lock CSM (indicates visually or audibly when the Caps Lock key is pressed), and 11 others! This update has bugfixes for several modules.

Wapp pro 2.5 is the latest version of this windows/applications switcher. The author writes: "The 'Wapp pro not loaded at startup' problem was deeper that what I suspected. After some private beta testing; Wapp pro 2.5 is out. It seems that a previous version has corrupted Wapp pro's preferences. This version should be able to fix that."

ClickLock 1.0.1 allows you to click-drag an item without having to continue holding down the mouse button. ClickLock! doesn't support the TrackPad or TrackBall as yet.

DeskTray 1.0.2 is the release version of this utility that adds a floating tray that displays all the items on the desktop.

LCDtest 1.0.1 is an update to this utility that helps you test your LCD screen for bad or stuck pixels. It now hides the cursor unless you use the command key to display the menubar.

UMAX VistaScan 3.6.1 has apparently been released. However, it is not listed on the U.S. UMAX web site as yet. Be cautious.

And still in beta:

MacOS Items Manager 1.6b3 adds preview of disabled fonts and improves speed to this Extensions Manager enhancement utility. [Check our Download Library for the latest non-beta version.]

Instant PD Helper 1.1b5 is "intended to Palm Desktop 2.5 users, who don't want to use the Instant Palm Desktop extension (usually because of a conflict with another extension)." The update fixes a Mac OS 9 compatibility bug and add several new features.

Mozilla Milestone12 is the latest preview release of the next-generation Netscape web browser.

WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2b1 is now available.

Sonnet Crescendo 1.4.1b2 is the second beta version of this driver update that adds enhanced Mac OS 9 compatibility for Crescendo NuBus, eliminates occasional startup contention for Crescendo G3/ L2, and adds a G3-only install option.