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Utilities Updates: File Buddy�8.0b1; TelnetLauncher�2.7.6; DBoost�1.4.1; more

Utilities Updates: File Buddy 8.0b1; TelnetLauncher 2.7.6; DBoost 1.4.1; more

File Buddy 8.0b1 is an extensive desktop and file/folder editing and task tool. The new release has full Mac OS X 10.3.x compatibility and a new administrator mode.

TelnetLauncher 2.7.6 is a launcher for built-in Telnet and SSH clients. The new release is updated for Mac OS X 10.3.4.

DBoost 1.4.1 is a tool to redistribute CPU time giving the front application a speed boost

Backtro 10.1 Beta is a backup application.

LogOutScreenSaver 2.0 is a tool to auto log off users after defined idle time

  • File Buddy 8.0b1
  • TelnetLauncher 2.7.6
  • DBoost 1.4.1
  • Backtro 10.1 Beta
  • LogOutScreenSaver 2.0
  • More from Utilities Updates