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Utilities Updates: Epson Expression 636 driver; GlobalFax 2.6.8; more

Utilities Updates: Epson Expression 636 driver; GlobalFax 2.6.8; more

Epson has posted Twain Driver v.3.20A for the Epson Expression 636 Scanner and G3/BW Macs. Wes Palmer adds: "I don't know about the B/W compatibility, but it does finally add support for multiple SCSI busses. I was able to successfully scan using the TWAIN driver with the scanner on the second channel on my 3940UW." We have previously covered problems with this scanner and SCSI cards in the G3/BW Mac.

GlobalFax 2.6.8 is out. Global Village has finally released an update to its GlobalFax software that works for modems as far back as the TelePort Platinum modems. "If you are a user of GlobalFax version 2.5.x, GlobalFax 2.6.8 contains a number of new features and new interfaces." [Note: I found that I had to import my Address Book data after updating; the new version of GlobalFax apparently uses a different file for storing addresses and the data were not automatically transferred.]

Update (6/10/99): GlobalFax 2.6.8 was removed from the Global Village web site yesterday, listed as "temporarily unavailable." As of this morning, it appears to be back again.

Global Village has also released a replacement for the PC Card 2.200 Updater. (I am not sure why the replacement is needed.)

NavCom Cache Control 2.0 is out. It's "a small, PowerPC-only application that allows users to activate and adjust the memory cache of Netscape's Communicator and Navigator 4.x browsers. Version 2.0 is a major new release, with complete overhauls of the event-handling and user registration mechanisms, significant changes in the user interface, and numerous tweaks and fixes."

Default Folder 3.0.3b2 is now available.

Desktopper 1.3 is now available. "Desktopper allows easy access to your desktop icons without hiding applications or moving Finder windows. Version 1.3 adds support for 32 bit icons and offers faster startup when used with Mac OS 8.5 and later."

MultiPrefs 1.1.2 is out. It's the second update this week to this utility that allows you to maintain multiple sets of preferences for multiple users of the same computer.

SwitcherSetup CM 1.1.1 is a contextual menu item that provides "easy access to the Application Switcher's customizable features"

Websynch 1.1.1 has been released. It's "an easy-to-use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client program for Macintosh specifically made to simplify updating Web sites. It allows synchronization between a local folder on a Mac with a directory on a FTP server."

Web Devil 4.0 "is a tool for downloading web pages and their associated images, textures, and links quickly and easily."

Blue Label 1.0.4 is the latest version of this DOS/Windows/UNIX emulator.

Software Hardware Tracker 3.3 is out.

AudioCatalyst 2.0 for the Macintosh is out. It's a tool that lets you "transform your CDs into MP3s in one easy step." (Thanks, Larry Gottschalk.) James Steele reports what is hopefully a temporary glitch in downloading the software. After he paid for it via a credit card (at, he received a error message that said: "This product is no longer available for download. Please contact Customer Support."

Wecan English-Italian Dictionary 5.5.5 eliminates an error message that appeared in version 5.5 when launching the application, if the document preferences were not present.

IPNetMonitor 2.3c6 continues the frequent series of "c#" updates to this Internet connection monitoring utility software.

MacAMP 1.0b7r2 has been released.

REALbasic 2.0.2 is a free update that "improves reliability."

Formac iProRAID 1.4.1 is a firmware upgrade for the SCSI card.

Griffin iMate 1.2 is out. "It is now compatible with the Alps Glidepoint custom ADB driver. Additionally certain parameters can now be optimized (or havoc created) with the iMate Fiddler."

FAXstf Pro 5 XCMDs are available in a scripting addition, allowing people to automate faxing of documents from within any AppleScript scriptable application including FileMaker Pro. Beta 5 of the scripting addition is now available. Changes include a significant bug squash (curing errors -1715) and improvements to the syntax. (Thanks, Gregory Rivers.)