Utilities Updates: Empty Trash; Vicomsoft updates and more

Utilities Updates: Empty Trash; Vicomsoft updates and more

Empty Trash Kevin Adey has created an AppleScript application called Empty Trash. It empties the Trash when you double-click it. Place it by your Trash Can to empty the Trash without having to go to the Special Menu.
Update: Jim Jacobson notes: "Apple also provides an AppleScript called "Empty the Trash. It's found in the Speakable Items folder (part of English Speech Recognition)."

Vicomsoft Internet Gateway 5.0 Upgrade has been released. Vicomsoft has also announced the release of SoftRouter Plus, an industrial strength TCP/IP software-router for the MacOS. It replaces the need for complex hardware routers. SoftRouter Plus enables a Macintosh to be used as a cost-effective router solution to provide LAN to LAN as well as LAN to Internet connectivity. The SoftRouter Plus incorporates Network Address Translation (NAT) technology allowing an entire network to share the use of one connection and, as well, providing firewall security. More information is available at Vicomsoft's Web site.

A Better Finder Creators & Types 1.0 has been released. "It is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly change the creator and type properties of multiple files."

Mac AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) v2.0.431 is out. The highlight of this beta release is buddy chat.

MediaWrapper Light 2.0.3 has been updated to support the iMation SuperDisk. It also fixes several bugs, including print problems with multiple copies and a text overlap problem). MediaWrapper Light lets you scan a removable disk, and print out the contents on a wrapper that you can insert into the disk case. Currently MediaWrapper Light supports Zip, Jaz, CD-ROM, EZ Flyer, SyJet, SyQuest, MagnetoOptical Disks, and SuperDisks.

Time Palette 3.0.3 is out. It calculates the local time in any of 10,000 cities worldwide and can displayvarious maps of the world showing day, twilight & night. "This release fixes an error in Daylight Saving (Summer) Time for EU countries and Indiana as well as fixing a bug that could cause the registration screen to lock up."

OneApp CineSlider 4.0 is out. It "is a projector for movies, sounds and images."

DragThing 2.6 is currently in late beta testing. "In addition to being fully 8.5-savvy (including 32-bit color icons, Navigation Services, antialiased text and more), it includes a stunning new look with metallic gradient styles for docks, and lots more color options. It even has a set of Bondi color schemes especially for the iMac! Plus there are plenty of other additions such as the ability to set the floating on a per-dock basis in any combination. It also fixes a small cosmetic glitch with the tab shaped windows in 2.5 when running under 8.5, which many people have reported." It should ship on or before the 17th.

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