Utilities Updates: eMerge; Timbuktu; SoftRAID

Utilities Updates: eMerge; Timbuktu; SoftRAID

eMerge 1.6.2b8 is a bugfix update to this email merge utility.

Timbuktu Pro 5.2.2 and Timbuktu HouseCall 5.2.2 are now available.

JChecker 2.0.2 is another utility for cleaning and compacting HTML.

As predicted yesterday, ListenDo! 1.1 has been released.

SoftRAID 2.2.1 is out. It now correctly renegotiates sync and wide transfer modes when a PowerMac G4 is brought out of sleep. It also limits the number of concurrent i/o requests to provide compatibility with the PowerMac G4 computers when used with the ATTO UL2D SCSI card. As with 2.2, it is compatible with Mac OS 9.

Formac Proformance III control panel GA5.7.0 and firmware GA12-ROM 2.1.1 updates are out. (Thanks, Joachim Schaller.)

Keyspan USB Twin Serial adapter 1.2b1 has been released.

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