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Utilities Updates: DYMO LabelWriter�6.1; VirtualLab Data Recovery�3.7.9; Sputnik�0.3; more

Utilities Updates: DYMO LabelWriter 6.1; VirtualLab Data Recovery 3.7.9; Sputnik 0.3; more

DYMO LabelWriter 6.1 is a set of drivers for their label printers

VirtualLab Data Recovery 3.7.9 helps recover lost data

Sputnik 0.3 is a keyboard shortcuts tool.

Radmind 1.2.1 is a remote file system admin, client/server suite of tools

FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.1 is a utility to synchrnoize and backup files, folders, disks.

Spamfire is a spam protection tool. The new release is compatible with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3)

LapCop 2.0 is a tool to recover your stolen Mac. This is an update for Panther and is not Jaguar-compatible.

CodeTek VirtualDesktop 2.3.14 generates virtual desktops that act like multiple monitors.

FontCard 1.0.2 is a font menu haxie for wysiwyg, submenu group, management.

  • DYMO LabelWriter 6.1
  • VirtualLab Data Recovery 3...
  • Sputnik 0.3
  • Radmind 1.2.1
  • FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.1
  • Spamfire
  • LapCop 2.0
  • CodeTek VirtualDesktop 2.3...
  • FontCard 1.0.2
  • More from Utilities Updates