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Utilities Updates: DragThing�5.1.1; Welian NetDiagX�1.0; StatusMonitors�1.1; more

Utilities Updates: DragThing 5.1.1; Welian NetDiagX 1.0; StatusMonitors 1.1; more

DragThing 5.1.1 is a launcher palette for files, folders, disks, servers, URLs. This release works round a reported problem with the recent McAfee Virex 7.5 beta which could cause DragThing not to quit properly on shutdown, restart or logout.

Welian NetDiagX 1.0 detects problems and users on your network.

StatusMonitors 1.1 places various status monitors on the desktop. The new release has support for Exposé's show desktop feature, so StatusMonitors will stay in the desktop when a preference is set (off by default).

Firewalk X 2.3.6 is a full featured firewall. The new release fixes possible kernel extension cache corruption which may have caused panics after uninstallation

WAP Map 1.0 provides wireless network mapping. It allows you to map the coverage of wireless access points and import a floor plan or other image, place access points, and then place survey points.

StellarDNS 0.3 is a GUI-based DNS configuration

  • DragThing 5.1.1
  • Welian NetDiagX 1.0
  • StatusMonitors 1.1
  • Firewalk X 2.3.6
  • WAP Map 1.0
  • StellarDNS 0.3
  • More from Utilities Updates