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Utilities Updates: DragThing; NameCleaner; Synk X; more

Utilities Updates: DragThing; NameCleaner; Synk X; more

DragThing 4.0 is an application dock designed to tidy up the icons littering your desktop. The update has been rewritten as a Carbon application which runs on both Mac OS X and 8.6 or later. It features a completely rewritten Aqua-ready user interface with new Preferences and Options windows.

NameCleaner 2.1.2 changes file name/type with auto file mapping. The update was ported to combined Classic/Carbon source code and released for Mac OS X.

Synk X 3.1b6 is a backup and synchronization utility. With this update, it copies UNIX file permissions correctly (you can copy OS X files under OS 9). However, it only copies filenames < 63 characters, not full 255 character length of OS X. Also, drag and drop still broken under OS X (use the folder definition button instead).

Tri-CATALOG 4.04 is a tool to scan and catalog media. It now recognizes comments in Photoshop files.

Cross Platform 1.1.2 provides information about how the programs and files on a Macintosh can be used with Windows-based computers.

Lexmark printer drivers 2.6 is the latest driver software for most of their printers.