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Utilities Updates: DoubletScan; FoldersSynchronizer; Voodoo; more

Utilities Updates: DoubletScan; FoldersSynchronizer; Voodoo; more

Doublet Scan 2.5 finds all the duplicate files on your hard disks.

AutoDelete 1.3.1 is the latest update to this utility that "deletes unnecessary reoccurring files, mainly Internet browser's cache files."

AutoTextTyper 1.1 is an update to this just-released "contextual menu plugin that lets you quickly and easily add commonly used text, such as email addresses, web sites, addresses, company names, signatures, form letters, and more, to a list of items in a contextual menu." Preferences are now scrambled to protect sensitive information. A few other features have been added.

FoldersSynchronizer 1.7.5 is yet another recent update to this synchronizing utility.

Whistle Blower beta 3 is now available. Whistle Blower can perform regular checks of your servers and performvarious actions upon discovering that one is not responding. The update adds support for 4D servers and Radius authentication servers. Other new features and bug fixes are included.

PrintToPDF 1.1 is the latest version of this Macintosh printer driver that creates PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. The update adds the ability to save text in certain fonts as bitmaps, the ability to use Chinese and Korean text, and bug fixes.

LW310 2.5 is a new version of the patch that allows a LaserWriter 310 to work in Mac OS 8.5 or later.

3dfx Voodoo2 1.0b4 fixes a potential OpenGL performance issue in Quake3.

3dfx Voodoo3 1.0b10 has "lots of OpenGL bug fixes and performance improvements."

Contour Overdrive 1.3.1 adds a "minor modification to the name to support the entire Contour Design USB mouse family."

Griffin iMate 1.76 is now available.