Utilities Updates: DiskTop; WhoInstalled; Default Folder; more

Utilities Updates: DiskTop; WhoInstalled; Default Folder; more

DiskTop 4.5.3 The update to this great file management utility fixes a Y2K problem.

WhoInstalled? 1.1.2 puts the name of the installer into the Info windows of files and folders which have just been installed into System Folder.

Default Folder 3.0.3b3 is available. Fixes include: Rebound handling is now PowerPC native. Default Folder no longer causes multiple-disk installers to request Disk 1 immediately after it is ejected. Aliases to the Contextual Menu Items folder and other special system folders are now correctly recognized in the Apple menu Favorites folder.

iView Multimedia 3.6 "has a host of improvements in all areas. It can be used to catalog/display all these files: Quark, Canvas, Painter, Live Picture, Freehand, PageMaker, Illustrator, gif, jpg, TIFF, PICT, GX, BMP, Targa, EPS, fonts, sounds, movies, QuickTime VR, animation, MPEG, PNG, Photoshop, MIDI, karaoke, Electric Image and Electronic Arts, and many others."

Popup Window Reset 0.0a1 is a temporary fix. The feature will eventually be included in an upcoming version of Desktop Resetter. If you use popup windows and they get "squished" when you change resolutions, this will fix it.

37thResEx 2.0.2 is out. It is "a useful application for seeing, extracting, copying and transferring resources from files."

OneApp Address Book 2.1 is out. It adds a new "Print Records Found" menu item to print all the found records in one single action.

EZCalendar 1.01 The update to this calendar utility fixes a bug that caused it not to search yearly events.

Intech Hard Disk SpeedTools 2.1.1 has been released.

Drag'nBack 2.9.6 is the latest update to this backup utility.

MacOS Items Manager 1.0b4 follows on the b2 update mentioned last time.

AppWatcher 2.1.1 follows on the heels of the 21. version released last week.

Sherlock Menu 2.1 is now available.

Symantec SAM virus defs for June are out.

Nu Font Pack has been released. It contains the Nu Sans, Nu Serif, Nu Casual and Nu Sans Monospaced fonts.

Griffin iMate Driver 1.3 provides important fixes for a number of third party ADB devices and improved compatibility with the new PowerBook G3s (Lombard) models. The new PowerBook G3 has a new USB manager version and Apple has made some changes in it's shim mechanism. The new driver version now supports all ADB devices with these PowerBooks.

][2Mac 2.0B11 is the latest update to this Apple II emulator.

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