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Utilities Updates: Desktop Resetter; FastFontMenu; Instant Package; more

Utilities Updates: Desktop Resetter; FastFontMenu; Instant Package; more

Desktop Resetter 2.1 is out. This utility remembers the icon and window locations and sizes on the desktop. You can then reset the desktop to these positions at a later time. "There are dozens of new features in 2.1, but most importantly, it fixes a bug in which the icons in OS 9 wouldn't be reset, and it now works on 68k Macs."

FastFontMenu 2.2 is now available. It adds compatibility for Mac OS 9. This utility speeds the process of building the font menu within most applications.

Instant Package 1.0 is out. This plugin (aimed primary at developers) extends Contextual Menus to allow you to create Mac OS 9 packages from folders, or to turn packages back into folders.

WebEvent 3.2 has been released. This is the final (non-beta) version of this Internet calendar and scheduling software.

Hogwasher 2.0 is an Internet news and mail reader. The new version adds Spam-Control features, Multiple Account support, Thread Tree display, and user interface enhancements to manage the "Information Overload" on Usenet.

EtherPeek 4.0.1 is out. EtherPeek is an "Ethernet network traffic and protocol analyzer designed to make the complex tasks of troubleshooting and debugging mixed-platform, multi-protocol networks easy."

Server Sitter 1.0b1 can perform regular checks of your servers and performvarious actions upon discovering that one is not responding.

OrangeMicro OrangePCi 3.4 is out. It adds support for ATAPI Devices (like the internal Zip drive) and has miscellaneous keyboard fixes. However, it requires Mac OS 8.1 or greater (thanks, Rich Thayer).

Initio Miles 9100UW SIM 1.13 and Initio Miles U2W SIM 1.04 have been released. We recently had a report of a Mac OS 9 problem with the 9100UW (an error when starting up from a drive connected to the card). Hopefully, this fixes it.

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