Utilities Updates: ClipPad; PowerTools; IPNetSentry; Quit It; CrushFTP; more

Utilities Updates: ClipPad; PowerTools; IPNetSentry; Quit It; CrushFTP; more

ClipPad 2.0.5a is a clipping file utility. It lets you create text and picture clippings, edit text and replace the pictures, play sound clippings, convert text clippings to Internet clippings, rename, and delete clippings.

APS PowerTools 6.4 is the latest version of this formatting and drive management utility for APS drives. It features new Power Mac G4 and Mac 0S 9.1 compatibility; improved handling of ATA, SCSI, FireWire and USB drives; support for FireWire booting on selected Macintoshes.

IPNetSentry 1.0c5 is a "simple and intelligent security application which protects your Macintosh from outside Internet intruders."

Quit It 2.4.2 is a system extension that automatically quits an application when its last window is closed by the user. Version 2.4.2 solves a problem where the default preferences were not setup correctly, which can lead to unexpected behavior sometimes.

CrushFTP 2.0fc2 is the latest version of this FTP server based on Java.

SimpleText Enhancer 4.0 -adds both a substantial list of new features and a Tool Bar to SimpleText while maintaining SimpleText's ease of use. The update adds an assortment of new convenience features.

Key Holder 1.0 is a password account database application.

MaxBulk Mailer 1.4.2 is a new full featured Mac OS bulk mailer able to send commercial mailings to up to several hundreds of emails address very easily. The author contends that "MaxBulk Mailer does not promote spamming." However, he has had some difficulty in getting that point across.

FutureBASIC^3 4.0 is the latest version of this Basic programming language (originally Z-Basic).

iView MediaPro 1.0.2 is an update to this utility to view, organize and present the growing number of photos, images, movies, sounds, fonts and other media files on your disks.

MacGhostView 2.0.2 is a general purpose Postscript previewer for the Macintosh.

SweetMail 2.08f2 is the latest update to this email client that that does multiple accounts, threading, etc.

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