Utilities Updates: Clean-Install Assistant; DoubletScan; LockOut; Invisible Prefs; Speed Download; Tex-Edit Plus; more

Utilities Updates: Clean-Install Assistant; DoubletScan; LockOut; Invisible Prefs; Speed Download; Tex-Edit Plus; more

Clean-Install Assistant 1.5.1 is a utility that moves items from an old system folder to a newly installed "clean" system folder. This release can move files from Mac OS 9.1 to a newer Mac OS version, or to/from 9.1 and previous versions.

Tex-Edit Plus 4.1 is a "scriptable, styled text editor that fills the gap between Apple's bare-bones SimpleText and a full-featured word processor." The update adds an "Open Recent" menu. Desktop clippings can now be "opened" in the same manner as real documents.

Doublet Scan 3.2.3 finds duplicate files and more. This version adds an installer, the ability to search for unique items that are not duplicates in the "Custom Search" window, and it fixes some minor bugs.

LockOut 2.1.3 is an application that can keep people from using an unattended Mac. This version removes the requirement for the "Internet Config library" to be installed. Now if it's not installed, the iSupport menu is disabled. Previously LockOut did not start up if this library was not installed.

Invisible Prefs 0.1.5 finds, shows, and makes copies of invisible items in the system preferences folder. This version sports speed improvements.

Speed Download 1.0.5 is a utility that can accelerate downloads via broadband hookups by using splitting the download into multiple connections. This version fixes a bug that could stop http downloads from being canceled and a bug that caused many servers to be incorrectly reported as not being able to restart downloads.

Rearrange Folders 1.2 is an application which works together with the Finder of Mac OS 9 and lets the user to rearrange the windows of folder hierarchies so that they can be neatly stacked when opened in the Finder. It can also be used to rearrange and resize Finder windows so that when the same folders are later opened on screens with smaller resolutions they are inside the visible screen area. No word on what is new in this version.

The Free Memory Show 2.0 displays free memory. This version uses a floating window for display instead of the menubar. It can also quit applications to defragment memory.

DesktopDemon 2.0 will save the desktop theme, icons and window settings. This update adds a built-in trash disposal.

System File Backup Script 1.5 is out. The Automated Appearance program no longer requires users to edit the script. It is now done internally.

RLPassword 1.0.1 is a utility to create easy to remember passwords for Internet accounts. This version enables copying generated passwords to the clipboard.

Hogwasher 2.6.1 is a Usenet newsreader that features on and off-line reading, scheduled connects, and filters. This release restores the Find Again command which was mistakenly omitted from version 2.6, and it fixes a bug which prevented repeating schedules from running.

Y! Groups Extractor 1.1 downloads binary files from Yahoo! Groups. This release corrects some minor bugs and is updated for Yahoo! Groups. Other changes: columns are can be sorted, the number of groups listed is now displayed, better retries, and multiple group pages are now supported.

miYahoo! Chat 1.0a7 is a third-party standalone Mac client for use with Yahoo! chat. This update adds better color support for incoming text, proper detection of entering smilies, a better splitter for resizing the chat area and user list, and it fixes automatic disconnect.

MacGhostView 2.0 is a general purpose PostScript previewer utility. It is quite similar to the ghostview program found on Unix machines and is based on ghostscript 6.0. No word on what is new in this version.

Alarm Clock Pro 3.0 does what its name implies. Changes in this edition include a complete code rewrite, numerous interface changes (it is almost 100% Appearance Manager compliant: therefore it looks better with schemes other than Platinum), a new calendar, and more.

PalmIcon 1.0 extracts icons from Palm (.prc) files so they can be viewed on Mac Desktop.

FileFone 0.9 Public Beta is a phone for sending and receiving files over the internet. It allows you to "ring up" another FileFone user by his IP address to send a file. To download the file, click here.

Calc X 0.8 is a scientific calculator with trig, probability, and log functions. This release fixes bugs in the binary display, floating point math its display and it includes new Aqua-style buttons for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

Tape 1.6a2 is a developer tool that converts folders into application "packages" as used by Mac OS X (but also accessible in Mac OS 9). The update adds an auto-detect option for configuring Tape to create a Mac OS 9 Package or Mac OS X Bundle based on the folder's name; any folder ending in ".app" will be opened as a Mac OS X Bundle.

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