Utilities Updates: CD-ROM Toolkit; NetBarrier; NetFinder; more

Utilities Updates: CD-ROM Toolkit; NetBarrier; NetFinder; more

CD-ROM Toolkit 4.0 is now available. It is compatible with HFS Plus, fixing the caching problem with the previous version (thanks, George Hulseman and Gary Adams).

NetBarrier 1.2.1 is a minor update to the recently released 1.2 version of this Internet security program Version 1.2.x has numerous bug fixes and is listed as compatible with Mac OS 9.

NetFinder 2.0.2 is the latest version of this Finder-like FTP client.

SmallerFontSmoothing 1.0.1 is a update to this just released utility that patches the Appearance Manager so that you can set the minimum font smoothing size to a value as low as 6 points. Smaller font smoothing settings are now saved between reboots.

CommCloser Pro 1.0 closes an open serial port.

VPC Helper 1.0 helps select and speed up changes needed to maximize the performance of Connectix Virtual PC.

LockOut 1.6.2 is the latest update to this simple security software.

Flex-able 1.0 is "a new extensibility toolset for WebSTAR Web servers. Flex-able makes it easy to implement avariety of add-on capabilities such as file uploading, form processing, form-to-email processing, counters, rotation, redirection and string functions."

FoldersSynchronizer 1.6b is a beta version of the next update to this utility that does what its name says.

ixMicro ixTV/TurboTV 2.16 is out. It fixes the PageMaker issue with the ixTV and TurboTV boards and adds limited compatibility with Apple Video Player. The updates work with Mac OS 9.0, but the known internal sound problem remains and will be fixed with a future release.

ixMicro ix3D 2.0 is the latest update of this driver. It corrects the sleep issue with the Road Rocket and OS 8.5.1. The ixMicro web page states: "This driver has been tested with Mac OS 8.6. A future release (presumably for Mac OS 9) will be posted later." (Thanks, Rik Osborne.).

Update: Tim McManus has reported startup crashes when using this driver in Mac OS 9.

Formac GA 5.6.2b6 is the latest beta version of this driver. It now supports OpenGL.

Lexmark MarkVision 2.1 and Lexmark printer PPD files 2.2 have been released.

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