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Utilities Updates: BeHierarchic; ListenDo!; Black & Bleu; IPNetMonitor; IPNetRouter; ROAM; more

Utilities Updates: BeHierarchic; ListenDo!; Black & Bleu; IPNetMonitor; IPNetRouter; ROAM; more

BeHierarchic 4.1.1 is due out today. It fixes several bugs, including compatibility problems with SpellCatcher 8 and with QuicKeys. Regarding two other conflicts, Fabien Octave writes:
FaxSTF Pro and the Fax Assistant Menu in the Apple Menu. The conflict has been identified, however the only way to get it to work right now is to use the following turn around: Make sure BeHierarchic loads before STFInit, e.g.: put BeHierarchic in the Extensions Folder. [We have noted this before.]

A conflict has been identified with ixView control panel (graphic accelerator cards). Until the bug is solved, use the following turn around : Make sure BeHierarchic loads after ixView control panel.

ListenDo! 1.1 has been released, as predicted last week. It is "a PlainTalk-based application that provides users with enhanced voice control of their Macintosh computer. ListenDo! allows the user to pull down menus, click and double-click the mouse, and voice-activate task specific AppleScripts.

Black & Bleu 1.2 is the latest update to this utility that lists 3,340 Macintosh error codes with detailed explanations (beyond Apple's often cryptic ones) and remedies for many of these errors. New in this version is the addition of Sad Mac codes and explanations and a Find feature for searching Black & Bleu's database.

IPNetMonitor 2.4 and IPNetRouter 1.4.6 are the latest release versions of these popular Internet utilities from Sustainable Softworks. Regarding NetRouter, their web page still states: "This version works with Mac OS 9 in most cases, but we are still resolving some unexpected conflicts. We hope to resolve these problems quickly and welcome your feedback.

ROAM 1.6b7 now has even better 601 support. This is the latest beta version of this utility that claims to speed up your "older" Mac by copying the ROM into RAM (mimicking how the iMac and newer desktop Macs work).

FontMover Lite 1.0.1 will collect all fonts available to applications on your Macintosh or that are contained in a selected folder.

StayOnline 1.1.3 allows you to maintain an active connection to the Internet while you are away from your computer or asleep. This update now includes a 'Pause' button.

Type/Creator Database 2000 lists the Type and Creator codes of over 31,000 programs.

AutoTextTyper 1.2 is a contextual menu plugin that lets you quickly and easily add commonly used text, such as email addresses and web sites. The update adds the ability to edit previously created macros and allows double-clicks in lists to edit/remove macros.

Fetch-O-Matic 2.3 is suite of applications for automated website maintenance via FTP. Fetch-O-Matic differs from other available synchronization and maintenance schemes in that it does not require any local machine to have a complete site copy.

POPThing 1.5 lets you check your mail without downloading it.

ShredIt 4.5 completely destroys the contents of a file, a folder or the free space on a disk.

A Smaller GIF 1.2 is a utility that does to GIF files what its name implies.

Media Cleaner Pro 4.0.2 now supports the G4 Velocity Engine and contextual menus.

ViaHTTP 1.7 is the latest update to this utility that lets you start/resume HTTP downloads from your browser.

Sherlock Menu 3.0b2 installs a System-wide menu in the Menu Bar or Control Strip that gives you instant one-click access to Sherlock from any application.

ArtLine 3.5.5 is a high performance vectorization and retouch application.

Cross Platform 1.1.1 provides information about how the files on a Macintosh can be used with Windows-based computers.

BluIP 1.0 is a simple utility to get your current IP address.

Initio Miles Bluenote 9090U 2.1.1 is the latest firmware update for this SCSI card. It is now G4/OS 9 compatible.