Utilities Updates: Aqua; NetStatus; FileBuddy; GraphicConverter and much more

Utilities Updates: Aqua; NetStatus; FileBuddy; GraphicConverter and much more

Aqua 1.0 is a surf-companion. "While you surf, Aqua sends cyber-divers into the current page and reminds you if there is anything that match your interest profiles. Aqua then presents a listing of suggestions that are potentially interesting, and lets you double-click the links to get directly on the right page."

NetStatus 1.0 is a new utility that helps you to connect to the Internet using OT/PPP. It can connect, disconnect, and also show your connection time, download amount and upload amount.

FinderPop 1.7.6 is now available.

Consultant 2.5.5 is out.

FileBuddy 5.0 is now out.

GraphicConverter 3.5 is out.

CUSeeMe 3.1.2 is out.

Program Switcher 4.5.3 has been released.

PGPFreeware 6.0.2 is available.

WormScanner 2.3 is out. It does a better job of detecting AutoStart wormvariants.

Insider Font Agent 2.7.1 The update to this font maintenance utility adds full support for the Appearance Manager fonts found in Mac OS 8.5, as well as selected bug fixes.

Quit CSM v1.7.1 is out. It fixes a bug in 1.7 which caused the registered Quit CSM to display its registration reminder at startup. Quit CSM 1.7.x now runs PowerPC code with Control Strip 2.0. The "Hide Others" and "Show All" commands and "Restart" and "Shut Down" commands can be added to the Quit menu.

CDFinder 2.6 has been released.

Disk Drive TuneUp 2.1.2 is out.

Bookmark Booster 1.5 is now available. It adds support for Mac OS 8.x.

IPNetMonitor 2.2.1 is out. It fixes a couple of bugs.

Holmes 1.0 is yet another Sherlock utility for managing plug-in sets.

Griffin Technology has released updated drivers for iMate 1.0a3 and iPort 1.0.1. iPort now supports LocalTalk. iPort also supports other AppleTalk activity such as file sharing.

Jerry's Finder 8 Patch 1.2.1 is out.

Font Reserve 2.0.1, a font management utility, is a bug-fix update.

The Eraser 2.5.1 deletes files so that they cannot be recovered. It also searches for orphan preferences files and cleans your browser cache.

CamerAid 1.1.1 is a maintenance update to this utility for working with digital cameras.

MacLaunchIt 1.2 launches any application simply by entering a full or partial application name. It also creates a list of all of your applications, which can then be launched; and displays all currently running processes.

T-Minus Ten 2.0 lets users turn frequently-used or repetitive actions into tasks that can be automatically run by a schedule, launched by a keystroke or hot spot on the screen, or put into action when your computer becomes idle.

RealPlayer G2 (preview release) is out. Russell Maggio found that its performance was much worse than with RealPlayer Plus. I have not had other reports of this as yet.

The beta version of Palm MacPac 2.0 is now up to b34.

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