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Utilities Updates: Apple QuickTime for Java�6.4; Apple Keynote 1.1.1; PGP 8.0.3; more

Utilities Updates: Apple QuickTime for Java 6.4; Apple Keynote 1.1.1; PGP 8.0.3; more

Apple QuickTime for Java 6.4 fixes QT 6.4 compatibility with Java apps (use Software Update)

Apple Keynote 1.1.1 is an update to the PowerPoint-compatible presentation tool. The new versioin improves stability and includes several user experience enhancements including a preference to control cube and flip transition clipping individually.

PGP 8.0.3 contains PGP Disk and PGP Mail encryption which provide security for e-mail and other transmissions.

DockFun! 4.0.7 is an application launcher that enables infinite different docks.

ASM 2.1b5 is a customizable app switcher menu like the Classic Mac OS had.

Pastor 1.3.3 stores passwords, Web site logins, serials, registrations, etc.

  • Apple QuickTime for Java 6...
  • Apple Keynote 1.1.1
  • PGP 8.0.3
  • DockFun! 4.0.7
  • ASM 2.1b5
  • Pastor 1.3.3
  • More from Utilities Updates