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Utilities Updates: Apple Memory Guide; Disk Recall; more

Utilities Updates: Apple Memory Guide; Disk Recall; more

Apple Memory Guide has been updated as of 5/99. The Apple Memory Guide (AMG) is an Adobe Acrobat document containing memory upgrade information for Macs and LaserWriters. This new version includes the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard) computer.

Disk Recall 1.2 is a disk cataloging utility. New in this version: You can now archive an FTP site.

File Smiler 1.0.2 is available. Drag files, folders and disk image files onto File Smiler to create a Self Mounting Image file.

WorkingPapers 2.0 is "designed for Macintosh users who need to scan, archive, and catalogue all kinds of documents - business, legal, books, or color photos - and want to be able to find those documents easily and quickly."

Mozilla M6 is the latest "preview" version of the next generation of the Netscape web browser.

Mizer 1.6 is out. It automatically removes unneeded information in HTML and JavaScript syntax making it smaller and more easily parseable by browsers.

Sherlock Menu 2.0.5 is now out.

Rebound 2.0b11 is now out.

Palm Buddy 1.2b4 has been released. It's a a live drag and drop Finder-like installer and backup management tool for Palm PDA Mac users.

Virex virus definitions file for June is out. (Thanks, Karl Bonowski and others.)

UMAX MagicScan 4.2.1 is now available. As noted on Version Tracker, it is for Mirage, PowerLook & Gemini scanners.