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Utilities Updates: Apple Final Cut Express�2.0.3; Konfabulator�1.6; SpamSieve�2.1.4; more

Utilities Updates: Apple Final Cut Express 2.0.3; Konfabulator 1.6; SpamSieve 2.1.4; more

Apple Final Cut Express 2.0.3 is Apple's reduced-set video editing tool. This update fixes an issue with some cameras caused by conflicts between timecode breaks and dropped frames, resulting in incomplete capture. It also improves QuickTime movie export when there is blank video in a sequence.

Konfabulator 1.6 is a JavaScript runtime engine to run Widget files. The new release adds animated GIF support, and images now only react to clicks on non-transparent areas

SpamSieve 2.1.4 is a bayesian spam filter for most email clients. The new release fixes a bug where SpamSieve could crash when installing the Eudora plug-in if you were using Eudora 6.0.x.

Burnerz 1.0 is displays media burner capability/media information.

iEmpty 1.0 is a tool to get rid of hard to remove or trash files and folders.

SnapNDrag 1.3.7 is a screen capture utility

iCrypt 1.1 is a tool to encrypt files/folders using AES

  • Apple Final Cut Express 2....
  • Konfabulator 1.6
  • SpamSieve 2.1.4
  • Burnerz 1.0
  • iEmpty 1.0
  • SnapNDrag 1.3.7
  • iCrypt 1.1
  • More from Utilities Updates