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Utilities Updates: Anarchie, YER, Nine 11; more

Utilities Updates: Anarchie, YER, Nine 11; more

Anarchie 3.7 is the latest update to this popular "Internet engine" and ftp client. It includes a a new Watch menu that allows you to do low-level networking functions including getting a report on the current state of your Internet stack, and getting a list of the current connections your Macintosh has with the Internet. It also includes Ping, Trace Route, TCP test and Lookup Domain Name functions. [The new features makes Mac TCP Watcher redundant and it will be "recalled" soon.]

YER 1.1 is the latest version of this utility that provides explanations for the Mac's error codes.

Macintosh Management Server 1.2 is the server process that runs with AppleShare IP 6.3 for use with Macintosh Manager 1.2. Macintosh Manager 1.2 is intended to be used with client computers that have Mac OS 8.1 or later (including Mac OS 9) installed and is connected to a Mac OS X Server.

Keychain Unlocker 2.0.4 is yet another update to this Mac OS 9 utility.

Nine 11 1.3 is the utility that allows you to bypass Mac OS 9 119 error message, potentially allowing you to run applications that would otherwise not work in Mac OS 9. The update includes a custom alert handler that installs everything in the System's heap if it is not the current heap - for added safety. Controversy remains as to whether this is a "safe" utility or not. Use at your own risk.

Modem Puppet Show 2.7 has been released.

OptimaHTML 1.6.1 is the latest version of this web page cleaning utility. It has several bug fixes.

ATTO ExpressPCI1.4.4f1 firmware adds Power Mac G4 compatibility to ExpressPCI host adapters with ADS Technology.

CU-SeeMe 3.1.3b should work with Mac OS 9.