Utilities Updates: Anarchie; OneClick; QuicKeys; more

Utilities Updates: Anarchie; OneClick; QuicKeys; more

Anarchie 3.6.2 is out. It includes SOCKS Firewall Support (in the Extras folder), some fixes to the AppleScript support as well as some cosmetic improvements and a few bug fixes. [Direct download link]

OneClick 2.0 is just about out. Westcode has released the OneClick 2.0 control panel (final version). Next week, they will release the complete Installer for OneClick 2.0 which will include all of the new additional components: the System Bar, the Launch Strip, the Task Bar, our new Make a Shortcut assistant utility, and more. [Note: If you are using the Preview version, install the control panel now to prevent an expiration of the software.]

QuicKeys 4.1 has been released. It features compatibility with Mac OS 9; Instant E-mail plug-in updated to work with QuickMail Pro version 2.0; More reliability when creating and executing Apple Menu, File Launch and times Shortcuts; Updated double-click feature for items in Finder windows that overlap toolbars; Additional options for formatting and typing dates; Plus more improvements and fixes!

Synchronize 3.8 and Synchronize! Pro 4.1 are out. They are "personal file synchronization and backup utilities for the Mac."

Web Devil 4.7 has been released.

QuickWindow 1.1.1 is out.

IconBuilder 2.01 and IconDropper 3.2.2 are now available.

Keyspan USB Card Assistant 1.1 is out. This application is used to diagnose the Keyspan USB Card hardware and USB subsystem software and display its status.

Macally's USB Manager 2.1 for iMousePro and iBallPro is out. Ronald Westerhout adds: "The 2 old extensions (Macally iMousePro & Macally iMousePro=) have been replaced by one extension called Macally USB Mouse. Much cleaner! For me, it also fixed the problem where I couldn't use my iMouse Pro in Unreal. It would show up in the mouse/keyboard config but in the game itself the cursor didn't respond. Now it works fine!"

Macally's iStick Manager 1.1.1 is also out.

Symantec NAV definitions for November are now available.

Suitcase FontAgent upgrade Registered users of Extensis Suitcase 8 can now upgrade Suitcase 8 FontAgent to Insider FontAgent 8 for $34.95.