Utilities Updates: Align Icons; clipEdit; SCSIProbe; more

Utilities Updates: Align Icons; clipEdit; SCSIProbe; more

Align Icons 1.0 is new Mac OS 9 contextual menu plug-in that gives a needed boost to the Finder's Clean Up option. In some cases, I want to clean up only a subset of the icons in a folder - to avoid the Finder moving ones that I want to stay put. Unfortunately, with the Finder, it is all or none. Align Icons comes to the rescue. [We have added it to our Download Library.]

clipEdit 1.6 is the latest update to this utility that allows you to create and edit Text, Picture, and URL clippings files. With this version, you may now open clippings via an "Open Using" contextual menu plug-in. [This program is also in our Download Library.]

SCSIProbe 5.1.2 is out.

Restore Desktop 1.1 is the latest update to this Contextual Menu plug-in that saves and restores icons' positions on the Mac Desktop.

AutoDelete 1.3 is "an application to delete unnecessary-to-save reoccurring files, such as web browser cache files."

FontMover Lite 1.0 can locate and collect all fonts in any volume or folder you select.

iAddress 3.2 is the latest version of this "PIM, URL manager, text clippings server and file manager all rolled into one application." The update allows customization of fields copied to clipboard during clip operation.

Address Pad 1.1.4 is out.

Disk Recall 1.2.3 is the latest version of this disk cataloging utility

IconSwapper 1.2 is out. Use it to create custom icons.

MACAST Lite 2.0 (formerly MacAMP Lite) has been released. It is an MP3 Player.

And still in beta:

IPNetMonitor 2.4c3 is the latest beta version of this Internet connection monitoring utility.

WebEvent 3.21b2 is out. This new beta version includes the ability to import events for the first time as well as the ability to use SSI to include today's events in static pages (such as on a home page).

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