Utilities Updates: Alarm Clock Pro; Findat; OSA Printer; PowerMail; Thoth; iTunes Tool; nCalc; more

Utilities Updates: Alarm Clock Pro; Findat; OSA Printer; PowerMail; Thoth; iTunes Tool; nCalc; more

Alarm Clock Pro 4.5.3 is an MP3 alarm clock with several alarm types and options. This update adds a volume ramp option.

Findat 2.0 searches for files in Retrospect archives and backups. This version adds the ability to search through entire folders and sub-folders of archives, user definable file sets, internal quick help, background search, customizable interface, plus advanced file filtering, and integration with Retrospect. Built for Mac OS X.

OSA Printer 1.1.1 enables the user to print files from the desktop via Command-P. This release adds support for Mac OS X 10.1 and minor bug fixes. 

PowerMail 3.1 is out with a host of fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

Thoth 1.4.4 is a Usenet news reader client. This update will refresh all the group lists, not just the active window, it adds a server timeout preference, it fixes a crashing bug introduced in the last version, and more.

iTunes Tool 1.4.3 displays a floating toolbar with playback controls for iTunes 2. This release is updated for and only works with iTunes 2.0.3. It also adds speed improvements.

nCalc 1.3.1 is a Calculator designed especially for PowerBooks and iBooks. It adds a new keyboard layout, a backspace/delete key, custom window colors, a custom icon, and more.

FastTrack Schedule 7.04 is out. No word on what is new.

Drag'nBack 4.0.3 is a file backup and archive solution. This release is compatible with Mac OS 9.2.2.

FileGeek 3.3.4 no longer crashes in Mac OS 9.2.2 when trying to get the icon for a file.

Monitorer 2.1 is a keystroke recorder and screen capture utility. This release adds bug fixes, JPEG support, and an option of 7 different compression schemes.

SpeedX 1.2 is a simple tool that calculates the speed of your PPC processor, MIPS/BIPS. This release works with multiple processors and adds minor display tweaks. 

Disk Watcher 1.0.6 automates Disk First Aid checks. This release fixes a minor bug and works better with Mac OS 9.2.2.

SweetMail 2.1r5 is a simple email client. This update fixes a problem with sending messages by using SMTP-Auth. 

iPhotoBatch X 1.1 is a tool to quickly batch-convert photos. Changes include an updated interface, more control of JPEG export settings, and minor bug fixes.

QiPo 1.5.4 creates previews for movie files. This update fixes a bug in the slideshow format and checks for a new version during launch.

VueScan 7.3.4 is out.

DVD-RAM TuneUp Pro 5.0 is software for managing DVD-RAM drives. It adds support for the Panasonic DVD Burner (LF-D311 DVD-RAM/DVD-R drive) and the Pioneer DVD-R/RW and CD-RW/R drive (Superdrive shipped with some Apple Systems).

Netlock VPN Client for Cisco 1.1 supports

Nikon Scan 3.1.2 is the latest update to this Coolscan/LS film scanner driver. Changes include fixes to the gain setting and the black line at certain crop settings, a fix for opening files in Photoshop, and a fix for the preview image display.

Nikon View 4.3.1 is driver and software for most CoolPix cameras. It changes the prefs to choose with to activate manually, the built-in viewer can display 885 Small Pics, and more.

MacSense MIH-120 XRouter 1.23 is a firmware update for the MIH-120 XRouter. It adds IPSec VPN for Nortel Extranet VPN, UDP, TCP, or Both protocol in the Virtual Server, and improved PPPoE support. 

Macsense MIH-130 XRouter Pro 1.23 is the latest firmware for this router. Changes include a Quake II fix, PPPoE with Epix fix, longer timeouts, and longer passwords.

HP LaserJet driver 1.10 is available. No word on what is new. Note that it did not fix the problem with the activity light continuing to flash on our HP 1200, an issue we have covered previously.