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Utilities Updates: Acrobat Reader; Adobe SVG Viewer; GraphicConverter; Extension Overload; more

Utilities Updates: Acrobat Reader; Adobe SVG Viewer; GraphicConverter; Extension Overload; more

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 can view, navigate, and print PDF files. (This is the free standalone reader for Acrobat 5.) This version must be installed in Classic but once installed it should run natively in Mac OS X.

    Update: Dennis Aubuchon reports receiving "VISEDATA" errors and an incomplete file download during the initial installation. Rebooting with the Extensions Manager set to "Mac OS 9.1 All" resolved the problem.

Adobe SVG Viewer 2.0 is a browser plugin to view scalable vector graphics files. No word on what is new.

GraphicConverter 4.0.7 is out. Some of the many changes to this update: new MonkeyCard and MonkeyLogo import and export, new Photoshop import with 16 bit per channel, the minimize window and show all functions are now in the Carbon version, there is a new option to set the creation and modification date of converted files to the original date, it fixes cosmetic bugs under MacOS X, and more.

    Update: Stephen Pisk, following up on a previous report, notes that instead of crashing when attempting to print, GC (Carbon only) now displays a dialog explaining that some printer drivers do not support Carbon yet, and suggest reverting back to the classic PPC version. Also, he notes the previous radio button issue appears to be fixed.

    Update: Paul Keyworth claims that this update appears to fix the previously reported Epson printing bug, at least in the PPC version.

Extension Overload 5.8 reports information on extensions, control panels, CSMs, and CMMs. This update adds descriptions for 75 items, updates for speed up your Mac, better support for non-English language systems, and it now works properly with Kaleidoscope and the Appearance manager.

Black & Bleu 3.2 contains information on error codes, causes for common problems, and possible cures. This update fixes a couple of problems with the license key failing and it fixes a a bug that caused the application to fail to launch properly.

IPNetMonitorv2.5c8 is a set of integrated tools to monitor internet connections. This version fixes a crash with the history popup when closing and reopening windows, and the installer now always installs the application of another version.

ProcessGuard 3.0b2 lists information on available memory and about all running processes. No word on what is new.

OneApp Clean Text 1.2.4 is a tool to strip text formatting, remove empty lines, and more. No word on what has changed in this version.

Iconizer Pro 1.3.9 builds a picture out of a group of icons. This version is faster, has an improved appearance, and adds support for Navigation Services. It also fixes several bugs, including the main window update while opening a file, and noise in the image when QuickTime 5 is installed.

Cisco Aironet 1.01 is the latest version of this driver for the PC340 wireless LAN cards.

TARGA CinéWave 1.1.1 contains drivers for this video digitizer board. This release is intended for use by users who purchased the TARGA Ciné bundle from Apple Computer. The release is limited to Standard Definition NTSC and PAL video.

LaCie Silverlining Pro 6.4.1 and APS PowerTools 6.4.1 are utilities to test, format, initialize, and partition hard drives. This update improves FireWire support, allows password protection to work on drives over 600 GB, and fixes a number of issues, including icons and version numbers, the max number od drives in an array, a lockup during restart with the TX12000 RAID, other array problems, and more.